Fundraising a Building Project

The contractor of this building project required floor tiles to be sandblasted prior to installation, as well as future onsite sandblasting.  They were unable to secure a provider for both of these requirements in their city.  We were contacted to see if we would have the equipment, skills and abilities for this project.  So the checklist was as follows.

yes… we have the skills and abilities to create the type of printing with masking for the floor tiles, as this is similar to the sign and memorial business,

yes… we have the staff who are up for the project,

yes… we have the equipment for the floor tiles to be sandblasted prior to installation,

hmm… we have to build the equipment to provide the onsite sandblasting and painting for installation in a public building during their operations.  This involved some research and development.  So naturally, we designed and built a mini sandblasting cabinet and paint spray booth that filters airborne particulate matter to point .3 microns.

Since installation, Block Stoneworks and Checker Signs staff have made two additional trips to the site, as this fundraising tile project is still active and going strong.