Marketing a Vision

A marketing professional arrived at Checker Signs with the need to promote their extensive eyewear collection. They desired a larger than life pair of eyeglass frames.   Here was another challenge with the opportunity to use a CNC router, laminator, and to sand and sculpt wood into a three dimensional, fully operational, four foot hinged pair of frames. Merle looked forward to this job, knowing it would be labour intensive.

So it was off to the computer to scale-draw the frames from the sample provided, to ensure that the computer drawings were exact for the CNC router to create the clamping forms. Eight layers of wiggle wood were then clamped into the form to laminate the layers together.  Hours of machine and hand sanding were required to shape, sculpt and create the monster frames with a smooth as silk finish. Multiple coats of environmentally friendly water based primer were applied, with more sanding between applications. Multiple coats of matte black colour were then hand painted to the frames and arms.  The bullet hinges were inserted, and voila, they were bound for the show room.

Anyone else want a pair? The clamping forms are in storage and ready to go!