The “Relax” Bench

The “relax” bench design took a year to create. The inspiration came while on vacation –  noticing many benches in parks and walkways. After sitting in many benches it was discovered that design and comfort did not always match.

The sketchbook came out and the intent was to create a bench with ultimate comfort and the look of interior furniture.  The first drawings were focussed on having arm rests on both ends to look like a couch. Then the reality of function, aesthetics, manufacturing ability, and cost changed the focus.

The adirondack chair has always been a favourite chair to relax in, so the design moved to focussing on the sitting position.  After many hand drawn sketches, and computer image designs, the mold was made.  The birth of the first set of bench ends was exciting and the “relax” bench was born.  Many of these have been placed in school yards, pathways, parks, golf courses, gardens, cemeteries, tennis courts, and yards. All the  great places to sit and enjoy the surroundings.