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Traffic Signs
Made to order signs with aluminum blanks ready to go.
NO Vaping or Smoking
Signs made to order to meet your business needs.
Traffic Signs
Made to order with regular vinyl or reflective products.
Traffic Signs
12"x12" traffic sign blanks are here and waiting.
By-Law Signs
Rounded corners are a must when traffic signs are in public places.
Traffic Signs
We stock traffic sign blanks and these are ready to go with reflective vinyl.
Portable Stand
This portable stand has a weighted base (filled with sand) and casters to roll it out. Swings as well so the wind works with the structure and doesn't flip it over.
CFDC Morden
A Frame made of molded plastic for flexibility as an indoor and outdoor product.
A Frame Options
We have a variety or A Frame options for interior and exterior use.
Appelt's Diamonds Morden
Checker Signs stocks metal A Frames and we can provide the inserts too.
Lawn Signs with Coroplast insert
Lawn signs with inserts offer an opportunity for a permanent sign with no need for sign permits.
Exterior Signs
Brushed aluminum sign structure with two toned acrylic letters. Hidden mounting system was made by Checker Signs with solar lighting.
Exterior Sign
Logo was scaled to the building facade and the individual letters were stud mounted.
Exterior Signs
Acrylic letters, individually mounted.
Exterior Signs
CNC routered Individual letters, hand painted black and stud mounted.
Exterior Site Sign
2023 From design to installation was approximately one year. We work on one made to order project a year. Concrete, granite, dimensional letters and laser cut LED layer lite logo. Customer installed a solar panel to provide the electrical source.
Exterior Signs
LED round sign box and 15" Architechtural letters painted Sliver Metallic
Metal Hanging Sign
The entrance to this shop is on the side of the building and the design inspiration image was provided to us. We have welders available to us to come to our shop and work with us on unique requests like this one.
Facade Signage
You can never go wrong with gold and black colours. The customer installed his own sign with pattern and helpful tips from us. The window lettering was designed to complement the sign font.
Exterior Facade Sign
A new sign requirement for dimensional logos and letters was part of this building facade upgrade. Once the budget was established we were able to provide the solution.
Exterior Facade Update
The CNC routered sign was made years ago the and while the facade was painted it also received a new coat of paint. The addition of architectural letters under the logo was also done at the same time.
Exterior Facade Lettering
These individual letters are pin mounted on the metal after careful design and pattern making to ensure the mounting points hit the sheet metal in the correct locations.
Morden Nurseries and Garden Centre Site Signs
2022 This was a large design, manufacture and installation project. The customer provided a vision and wanted wood, metal, concrete with a modern look. One year project from start to completion.
Subcan Ltd. Manitou Site Signs
2021 We designed and manufactured the sign and structure using wood, metal and concrete. Project was one year from design, build to install.
Gallery Dental Carman
8" acrylic lettering and logo applied to brick exterior walls.
Newman Hand Carman Manitoba
1/4 inch anodized aluminum letters and logo.
Manitou Building Centre Manitou Manitoba
Dimensional CNC routered letters and logo that is hand painted and stud mounted. Hand crafted by Checker Signs.
Gardiner Wellness Centre Carman Manitoba
Wall mounted double sided hanging sign that was a good compliment for a neighbouring business with a hanging sign too.
True North Electric Morden Manitoba
This dimensional sign was designed and built by Checker Signs during an exterior building upgrade project.
Parlour and Co. Morden Manitoba
12" architectural injection molded letters with brilliant gold finish. The gold logo and address finished off the front with style.
Carman Floristas and Baristas
The ironwork was sandblasted and powdercoated for a fresh new look. The sign shape was maintained with new graphics.
Knockabouts Carman
This copper gloss finish was a colour match to the metal roofing on the facade of the building. Customers branded font with 12" acrylic letters.
Horizon Earth Works Morden
Black CNC routered letters made by Checker Signs with stud mount anchors.
The Prairie Dragonfly
Welded and powdercoated metal wall sign bracket with a dragonfly as the attachment embellishment. Raised letters on the dimensional frame above the main window.
Copper and Sparrow Boutique Winkler
Prior to this façade update we were consulted and the letters are coated in copper leaf as another made by Checker Signs product.
Apothecary of Morden
Stainless steel letters mounted on a black dimensional hand painted background made by Checker Signs.
Birch & Honey Carman
Welded steel powder coated bracket with a nice gold embellishment on the end.
Elite Crushing Morden
Address and building sign with a faux paint effect on these CNC letters.
Morden Legion Building Signs
Double sided wall mounted sign with appropriate scaled text and graphics.
Meraki Beauty Inc. Winnipeg Building Signs
Rural roots of the business owners family was the reason to contact Checker Signs for their interior and exterior signs. in Winnipeg.
Morden Physiotherapy Building Signs
This was the first location and the sign was the start of this business adventure.
Shear Bliss Morden Building Signs
Brake formed metal sign panel with hidden mounting system.
TDS Law Morden Building Signs
Back mounted dimensional sign with a clean look.
Willow Creek Winkler Building Signs
Laser cut acrylic letters are a great contrast to the façade.
Many new builds have the garage as the facade facing the street so address location is important.
744 Address
1/4 thick silver metallic acrylic with stud mount installation. letters were 8" and 6".
MCM Address
This home was a distance from the street and the desire was to ensure that their address was a focal point and had the MCM look.
Lexington Condos Morden
Horizontal brushed aluminum letters 5" height and 1/4" thick, stud mounted.
Address Carman
We were involved in the project prior to the construction of the property entrance. Laser cut stainless steel with black powdercoated frame.
Address Morden
Acrylic address mounted on brick and the size is proportioned to the scale of the façade.
MCM Address
Anodized Aluminum laser cut letters with hidden back mounted system.
CNC routered, sanded, primed and painted. Installed with a hidden pin mount system.
Knockabouts Carman Interior Signs
Gold acrylic logo that was mounted behind the reception desk.
Meraki Beauty Collective Interior Signs
1/4" thick black acrylic with customers branded font for the reception area.
Elite Crushing Interior Signs
Foyer signage with laser cut metal that was clear coated and green led lighting as requested.
Frank and Olive Interior Signs
Gold dimensional lettering that was applied to the reception desk.
Eden Health Centre Interior Signs
Laser cut stainless steel with hidden back mounted hanging system.
Interior Wayfinding Interior Signs
Laser cut stainless steel with floating mounting system.
Nikki's Beauty Bar Interior Signs
CNC routered letters, hours of sanding and hand painting made by Checker Signs.
Copper and Sparrow Interior Signs
Interior wall lettering behind reception desk in copper colour.
Historical markings with a bronze plaque that will last forever are an investment.
Cast Plaques
Cast plaques are available in a variety of colours and a couple metal options.
Bronze Plaque
Cast bronze plaques offer a permanent marking of sites.
Granite Plaque
Laser etched granite in memory of a cabin site location and founding land owner.
Bronze Plaque
Permanent plaques with your design and artwork as well colour/size options.